Ravenwood Capital Management, LLC is a research oriented investment management firm that employs a value investment strategy, investing in publicly traded equities





Ravenwood Capital Management, LLC is a research oriented investment management firm based in Spokane, Washington. We provide clients a disciplined, and process-driven approach to value-oriented investments in the equity securities of public companies. 

Scott Jackson

Chief Investment Officer - Scott founded Ravenwood Capital Management, LLC in May 2015. Scott has over ten years of experience investing in the micro-cap universe. Mr. Jackson previously co-founded an Inland Northwest investment firm serving institutional clients, served in the U.S. Army for twelve years, and is on the board of the Invictus Foundation. He holds an MBA and a BA in finance from Gonzaga University.

Caleb Franson


Portfolio Manager - Caleb co-founded Ravenwood Capital Management, LLC. Prior to co-founding the firm, Mr. Franson was a mining engineer at Josephine Mines, where he was responsible for mine design, project cost analysis, and metals market analysis.  He also worked as a lean process engineer at DABS Manufacturing and Assembly, creating more time and cost efficient assembly processes for Boeing aircraft parts. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mining engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Gonzaga University.




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